without a dream

i’ve heard that living without a dream is like without a life.

quote from “a walk to melody” said that everyone has their own dreams
and you have to dare enough to fight for your dream, your highest dream.
ones who said they have no dreams may be called
not dare enough even to believe in and speak out their dreams.

after quited my job for a while,
i was asked about my dream
about what i really would like to do in my life
became my answer as “i don’t know…”
and again when i was asked to go back,
i was asked about passion in my career
as i said it’s not exist but she didn’t believe

as i said i would like to try other careers to find what is my passion
but she told me that i had to have 1 leg on what i’m sure i can do
and let another leg try other thing else
thus i can step back to the first one whenever the second one doesn’t work
as a stable foundation of life.

what so ever
why i feel so dreamless like this
is it unusual ?
or i’m just a coward ?
what is my dream ?
ice-cream shop, are you still with me ?
or you’ve gone with the wind ?

i know i didn’t born to be a landscape architect
and ice-cream shop owner neither
then what i born to be ?


question of the the year haha
and the answer is not going to come soon, i’m sure

what so ever

living without life still gotta go on haha -*-


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cud42, landscape stu75, drawing, writing, thinking, dreaming, muddled thoughts, welcome to my world...
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