I’m the grass-fragrance type

forward mailจากคุณอาธงชัย
You are the grass-fragrance type
You have very strong will, not dependent on others
and gives an impression of being a long-ranger.
You are extremely curious[5555] and sensualy
living a clear-headed, modern life.
At first glance you place yourself on a pedestal,
and are difficult to get along.
But once others talk to you,
they know you are easygoing.
And when the relationships develops,
they realize you are affable.[^^]
You have an androgynous charm,[????]
which make you popular with all genders.[o.O!!!]
But you don’t like your weak side to be seen.
You might look cool onthe surface,
but beneath it all,
you are realy passionate. [ : ) ] 
Only people who know your true self
can maintain a long-lasting relationship with you.

About patchaparachaichour

cud42, landscape stu75, drawing, writing, thinking, dreaming, muddled thoughts, welcome to my world...
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